My Editing Philosophy

First and foremost, I adhere to the most relevant style guide for a project. If you’re writing according to the dictates of a larger organization (university, journal, business, charity, etc.), please let me know if they have a particular style guide they prefer, whether in-house, Chicago, AP, and so on. Please also be aware that I will make use of singular “they,” and that I will use American spelling and punctuation conventions, unless otherwise specified or unless the manuscript is already tilted towards UK English.

I use macros within Word to offload mechanical and repetitive tasks (such as removing two spaces after a full stop) so I can spend my time (and yours!) on meatier, more pressing issues. All of my changes and comments are made with Track Changes turned on; the final acceptance or rejection of an edit is always the author’s own choice.

I will also make a note of any awkward or unnatural language that obscures meaning or may distract the reader. In these cases I will also comment with what I believe your meaning to be and provide examples that may better communicate your ideas.